European General Practice Research Network is an organisation of general practitioners and other health professionals involved in research in primary care and family medicine. Its aim is to provide a suitable setting in which to discuss and develop research in primary care; to foster and co ordinate multinational studies, to exchange experiences and to develop a validated scientific basis for general practice. In addition, EGPRN also offers general practitioners a chance to meet foreign colleagues prompting local and international research collaboration.


  • Individual members get 50% reduction on the EGPRN conference fees and pre-conference workshop fees.
  • Individual members can be elected National Representative in the EGPRN Council.
  • Individual members have influence on EGPRN policy through their National Representatives in the EGPRN Council.
  • Individual members can join various EGPRN committees.
  • Individual members, who want to execute an international collaborative study with other members, can apply for funding.
  • Individual members from specific countries can request for reimbursement of part of the costs for participating in an EGPRN Research Course.

See here for more information on membership. 

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15 May 2020