Membership to WONCA Europe is coordinated by WONCA. WONCA invites membership applications from Organisations and Individuals.

Professional Organisations as members

WONCA Member Organizations are professional organizations who are national organizations or a group of national organizations. Organizations may apply for Full or Associate Membership. More information for Organisations can be found here.

Academic Departments as members

Academic Departments and Training Programs of General Practice/Family Medicine which are actively involved in teaching and research and which support WONCA’s mission and seek affiliation, may apply for WONCA Academic Membership. WONCA provides opportunities for global networking especially with other Academic Members. More information for Organisations can be found here.

Membership for Individuals - "Direct Membership"

Since WONCA first began, many family doctors have expressed a desire to belong to WONCA individually, although they were already indirect members through their national college or academy. The category of Direct Membership was created to enable individual family doctors to have a direct association with WONCA. More information for Individuals can be found here.

Last modified on 1 Mar 2020.