9-13 September 2024
Boulder Flatirons, the Colorado Chautauqua

23rd International Balint Congress
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10-13 September 2024
Cape Town, South Africa

Ubuntu 2024
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18-21 September 2024
Bled, Slovenia

The Bled Course 2024 "Teaching and Learning about Emotions in Family Medicine"
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25-28 September 2024
The Convention Centre Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

29th WONCA Europe Conference
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17-20 October 2024
Budapest, Hungary

99th EGPRN Meeting
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7-8 November 2024
Iași, Romania

Leonardo EURACT Level 3 Programme For Trainers in Family Medicine, Romania
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8-9 November 2024
Barcelona, Spain

65th EQuiP Assembly Meeting
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25-27 April 2025
Grande Région

9th EYFDM Forum 2025
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8-11 May 2025
Gothenburg, Sweden

100th EGPRN Meeting
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8-10 May 2025
Linz, Austria

66th EQuiP Conference
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Past Events

25 June 2024

Digital primary care: from research into policy and practice
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20 June 2024

Online Workshop: How to write a paper
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20-22 June 2024
Lincoln, UK

13th EURIPA Rural Health Forum
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12 June 2024

Advancements in Obesity Management (AOM)
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6-8 June 2024

17th International Primary Care Diabetes Europe Conference
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9 May 2024
Adana Turkey, Hybrid Congress

23rd International Eastern Mediterranean Family Medicine Congress
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9-11 May 2024
Megaron Athens International Conference Centre

IPCRG 12th World Conference, Athens 2024
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9-12 May 2024
Porto, Portugal

98th EGPRN Meeting
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3-5 May 2024
Colombo, Sri Lanka

WONCA South Asia Region Conference 2024
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25-27 April 2024
Ghent, Belgium

64th EQuiP Conference
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25-26 April 2024
Edirne, Türkiye

2024 European Forum on Prevention and Primary Care
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23-26 April 2024

GSK Vaccine Virtual Days 2024
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18 April 2024

Online Workshop: How to manage research data
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12-13 April 2024
Tech Gate, Vienna, Austria

EYFDM Forum 2024
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