WONCA Europe Future Plan 2023-2027

General Practice was facing substantial challenges through the last years. These challenges pointed on the need to change pathways and urge WONCA Europe and all the community of General Practice to act on strategically important issues. The Executive Board of WONCA Europe agreed on four thematic goals to work on:

  1. Identifying tasks which are senseless or may be delegated.
    GP is facing serious challenges like shortage of healthcare professionals and bureaucratic regulations, which contribute to the exhausting of GP healthcare providers. To identify senseless and delegable tasks and describe this in a position paper may contribute to an improvement of the situation of WONCA Europe members.
  2. Legal regulations and quality standards on telemedicine should be formulated and established.
    WONCA Europe should contribute to this process to ensure that the interests of GPs are considered. How is digital care and online consultations done, how does it affect care, what are best practice models and guidelines to conduct it safely, how can such approaches be evaluated?
  3. WONCA Europe should have a leading role regarding OneHealth.
    Other leaders and key actors in the field should be identified and approached in to let WONCA Europe contribute actively to the field by formulating recommendations and running collaborative projects.
  4. Taking beneficial actions based on content approach.
    WONCA Europe should further strengthen the connection to other stakeholders (e.g. WHO, EU) in order to apply, as joint activity with the networks and Special Interest Groups, for external funds to run collaborative projects.

Last modified on 15 Nov 2023.