The WONCA Europe 5 Star Doctor Award

WONCA Europe presents a 5 Star Doctor Award to an outstanding family doctor on an annual basis.
Attributes of the 5 Star Doctor
  • Care provider who considers the patient as an integral part of a family and the community, provides high standard clinical care and personalises long term preventive care;
  • Decision maker, who chooses which technologies to apply ethically and cost-effectively while enhancing the care that he or she provides;
  • Communicator, who is able to promote healthy life-styles by emphatic explanation;
  • Community leader, who has won the trust of the people among whom he or she works, who can reconcile individual and community health requirements and initiate action on behalf of the community;
  • Team member, who can work harmoniously with individuals and organisations, within and outside the health care system, to meet his or her patients' and community's needs.

Previous 5 Star Award Winners

Last modified on 21 Sep 2023.