The European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA) is a unique body in that it is the first regional rural health organisation in the world.

EURIPA's principals are:

  • Partnership, sharing and understanding
  • Research and development
  • Education and information
  • Technology and innovation
  • Promotion of health and elimination of health inequalities
  • Development of cost effective, patient centred health care systems
  • Dissemination of good practice


Individual membership is open to any rural health care practitioner who is actively working in rural health care and rural academics.  Individuals interested in rural health, rural health care issues and EURIPA are also invited to become members of EURIPA.

Organisational membership is open to independent organisations representing rural health care practitioners in each of the countries of Europe and to institutes actively involved in rural health research. See here for more information. 

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1 Mar 2020