Digital primary care: from research into policy and practice

Throughout Europe, digital technologies have  transformed primary care. This event will showcase  research into technologies, such as video  consulting, e-prescribing and web based forms  that now form a backbone for how much primary  care is delivered continent wide. 

Across Europe, researchers have been working  within local health systems to understand what  works, why it works, who it works for and what  

are the unintended consequences. Sharing these  important findings is vital for helping us all learn from each other, and despite our different cultures  and health systems, to use technologies in a way  that benefits patients, staff and the wider system. 

This event will bring together researchers and  implementation leads with those developing and  implementing primary care policy in their own  nations. A lively and interactive format will facilitate  learning from what has and hasn’t worked and  support the development of international networks  and support for those seeking to trial technologies  within new countries and settings. Please note that Registration is needed, and click the link below.

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