Webinar: Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and following Heart Failure


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Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and following Heart Failure
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  • Understanding the prevalence, burden and impact of HF both in patients living with and without T2D
  • Understand which patients are at risk of HF and highlight importance of preventing HF
  • Review the evidence and guideline recommendations on treatment of patients with HF to reduce the risk of disease progression and improve mortality outcomes
  • Symptoms, Physical examination, ECG (if available) check the rhythm and heart rate , Blood tests, Drug interactions related reviewing the medications used by the patient, Recommendations and making an appointment for the next health check

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to identify your at-risk patients
  • Discuss the new evidence-based treatments that can prevent HF
  • Get updated on the new guideline directed medical therapies available to treat HF
  • Learn how to improve outcomes and QoL in patients with HF with and without T2D
  • Prof Richard Hobbs (Speaker)
    University of Oxford

  • Prof Sadi Gulec (Speaker)
    Ankara University

  • Prof Dr Mehmet Ungan (Moderator)
    Ankara University

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