International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG)

The International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) is a clinically-led charitable organisation. Our mission is to work locally in primary care and collaborate globally to improve respiratory health.

Our vision is of a global population “Breathing and feeling well through universal access to right care”

What we believe in

IPCRG believes that universal access to good quality care can only be achieved through improving access to primary care and universal access to good quality respiratory care can only be achieved if primary care is equipped with the confidence and competence to diagnose and treat people with respiratory problems in the communities where they live and work.

IPCRG is the only international primary care respiratory organisation, and the only international primary care organisation with a respiratory research mission.  We are an organisation in Collaborative Relations with WONCA World and the Special Interest Group of WONCA Europe. We represent primary care on the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Alliance against chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD).

Strategic objectives

The IPCRG has three inter-connected strategic objectives:

  1. Create value for our country members (organisations and individual clinicians) by improving their confidence and competence in respiratory health and generating income that can be used to invest in programmes for which fundraising is difficult
  2. Create value for society by raising awareness of respiratory health amongst citizens and policy-makers and influencing the availability of good quality respiratory care
  3. Create value for our funders by increasing the accuracy of diagnosis, reducing the variation in care and improving respiratory outcomes


We have led workshops and plenary sessions at WONCA Europe conferences since 2011 and more recently at WONCA Asia Pacific.   A gallery and copies of all our presentations are freely available for WONCA colleagues to use here

Our position statement on treating tobacco dependence published in our peer-reviewed open access journal Nature Partner Journals Primary Care Respiratory Medicine in 2017 was endorsed by WONCA Europe.

We welcome other proposals for joint statements and activities with WONCA and its networks.  For example, we have recently worked with colleagues from EURACT on our Teach the Teacher programme in Kyrgyzstan. 

Colleagues from the mental health working party have worked with us too.

Join us

We invite WONCA members to consider setting up respiratory special interest groups that can join us in a busy programme of research and education on asthma, COPD, tobacco dependence, allergy and multi-morbidity.  

Details of the joining criteria and benefits are listed here.



For more information on IPCRG’s research, education and conferences please visit our website

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