Lifestyle Medicine Group

Lifestyle medicine has evolved and developed during the last decade concurrently with the dramatic rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases that can be avoided or managed with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle medicine relies on behavioral modifications in physical activity, healthy nutrition and obesity treatment, smoking cessation, stress management and other domains related to general health.

It emphasizes the empowerment of FP/GPs and health care providers with theoretical knowledge and practical tools to enable practical approach in diagnosing and treatment in in this fields.

We have recently established Lifestyle Medicine WONCA Europe special interest group-SIG.

A first meeting was held on September 2021, with delegates from France, UK, Turkey, Serbia and Israel to discussed first steps relating this initiative.

At the London WONCA conference I had the honor to present an offer to create a Lifestyle Medicine Special Interest Group in the Council meeting and after a discussion and a vote, we received approval to do so.

Now is the time to start working!


I invite every WONCA member who is interested in Lifestyle Medicine to join this initiative and work together with our founding group.

We need as many as possible active members so we will be able to succeed with our mission to develop LM throughout the family medicine physician's network in Europe.

We believe that the future of medicine must include lifestyle medicine to avoid or improve outcomes of chronic diseases caused or exacerbated due to unhealthy lifestyle customary in the Western world.

We hope you are all excited as we are and looking forward to joining this adventure together.

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For information and joining the group please contact
Lilach Malatskey, MD, MHA