Welcome to the Lifestyle Medicine SIG Mini-Site

Our mission is to promote evidence-based lifestyle interventions amongst primary care physicians, through raising awareness of the impact of lifestyle medicine, as well as providing tools and knowledge to promote healthy lifestyle which will serve to improve management of chronic diseases and overall health.

How do we plan to develop Lifestyle Medicine in WONCA?

  • Create a network of WONCA members interested in LM.
  • Promote awareness of the importance and impact of LM in healthcare. 
  • Provide knowledge and skills of evidence-based lifestyle interventions for disease prevention and management. 
  • Develop position papers and educational materials. 
  • Initiate, encourage and support educational LM activities.
  • Encourage physicians to lead a healthy lifestyle themselves and thus become role models for their patients.

An invitation for you to join the movement

We invite WONCA members who are interested or involved in Lifestyle Medicine to join us and become part of this very important movement.

Together we can promote Lifestyle Medicine throughout the family physician's network in Europe.

For more information, please contactLilach.Malatskey@gmail.com