Controversy in Cancer Screening: Lung Cancer

Thursday, 13 April 2023
18:30 CET (Paris), 17:30 GMT (London), 19:30 EET (Athens)

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Extensive debate exists over lung cancer screening. The increasing incidence of lung cancer and the poor survival rate for advanced disease, despite the advances in drug therapy, have increased the interest in implementing extensive lung cancer screening.

Some studies, such as The National Lung Screening Trial, the International Early Lung Cancer Program, and other major screening studies, favor screening with low-dose CT scans and have shown a reduction in lung cancer-specific mortality.

On the other hand, concerns over imaging workflow, radiation dose, management of small nodules with potential overdiagnosis bias, lead-time and length-time bias, and cost-effectiveness continue to be debated.

This hot topic will be addressed in our webinar by two Key Opinion Leaders.

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Prof. Shlomo Vinker,

President of WONCA Europe. An active family physician, working in an urban solo clinic and chief medical director of Leumit Health Services, Israel. Full Professor in Family Medicine and associate Dean for community teaching, and former Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv. Published 240 research papers in peer-reviewed medical journals cited in PubMed.Former chair of The Israeli Association of Family Physicians,


Prof. Jan van Meerbeeck

A thoracic oncologist, working as consultant at the multidisciplinary oncological center of Antwerp University Hospital and retired professor of Pulmonology at Antwerp University. My scientific interests are the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and mesothelioma. I was board member of the E.C.O. and cochair of its Prevention and Early Detection Task Force.


Dr. Carlos Martins, Portugal

Chairman of EUROPREV, the WONCA Europe network for Prevention and Health Promotion. Founder of the H4A Primary Health Care Research Network based in Porto, Portugal. Dedicated to Family Medicine, Prevention, Health Promotion, Quaternary Prevention, and Medical Education.

13 April 2023