Creating a Motivating Work Environment for Health Workforce and Addressing Burnout

Warm greetings!

For the next episode of "Let's Talk Primary Health Care," we move to the South of Kazakhstan.

This time we host it after the meeting of the Commonwealth of Independent States Health Cooperation Council. The panelists are the heads of delegations from eight CIS countries participating in the work of the Council and the WHO Regional Director for Europe – Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge.

The success of all new initiatives depends on health workers. Against the backdrop of a constant shortage of staff and a heavy daily workload, after the debilitating COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing an increasing number of medical workers with signs of emotional burnout.

But how to solve these well-known problems? How to create a motivating environment for healthcare workers? How to attract health workers to rural and hard-to-reach areas? Can digital technologies facilitate the work of medical staff or is it an additional burden to them? How to stimulate professional growth and a sense of community among health workers?

These questions are at the center of our conversation. Join us!

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With best wishes,
Melitta Jakab

23 September 2022