EFPC 2022 Webinar series - April Introductory webinar

April 2022: Introductory webinar

25 April 12.30-13.30 CET “The patient  perspective explained” by Dolf de Boer (NIVEL). 

Dolf de Boer (PhD, MBA) Program Leader: Care from a Patient Perspective at NIVEL It is crucial to know how patients experience healthcare and what they think of the quality of that care. This is what NIVEL is researching in this program. This concerns questionnaires, interactive work sessions with patients and citizens, development of measurement methods, etc.
With the knowledge they gather, NIVEL facilitates healthcare providers to work as patient-oriented as possible. Policymakers use the results to design the system as patient-oriented as possible. In this way, NIVEL research contributes to better care.


25 April 2022