EURIPA 8th Rural Health Forum 2018


The 8th EURIPA Rural Health Forum will be held in Maale Hachamisha, Israel on November 14th – 16th Wednesday to Friday 2018. The theme for this year’s Forum is “The challenge of the vulnerable and ageing population in rural medicine” and will focus on the importance of delivering quality medical care in remote locations to the old, incapacitated and deprived. The Forum is designed to bring together family doctors, health professionals and medical trainees, working in rural health settings and offers the opportunity to share experiences and initiatives on how to improve access and the provision of care to those in need. The forum is intended to create a platform whereby diverse ideas including solid scientific research can be shared for mutual benefit of the rural doctor – patient relationship especially with the disadvantaged through, lectures, discussion panels and workshops.

The aim of the 2018 meeting is to promote synergy and solidarity between rural health practitioners, researchers, health policy makers and academics.  This year’s program will include a wide range of topics focusing on rural research and practice.

Major plenary themes:

WONCA networks and working parties and members of the Israeli Society of Frontier and Rural Medicine have been also invited to contribute to the Forum by working with EURIPA to prepare presentations and provide a broad array of educational activities including sessions orientated towards the doctor-patient relationship as well as the content of therapeutic encounters and escorting the patient through life difficulties and challenges.

As in common with all other members of EURIPA, Israel continues an everlasting struggle between dwindling resources and growing need. The ageing of the population is only setting its first challenges for future crises in terms of manpower and financial restrictions and mounting demands. The vulnerable members of the population not only expect our outreach to provide for their multitude of needs, but they are justly and rightfully entitled to our undivided attention and clinical experience. It is our duty to do all possible in order to mitigate suffering and the burden of disease for both their chronic and acute conditions.  In the Forum we shall attempt to confront topics that jointly constitute major challenges and not avoid those issues that do not seem to have instant solutions at hand. We hope to exploit this opportunity for both an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating experience as well as strengthening social ties between EURIPA members and participants of previous meetings.  

We look forward to meeting you in Maaleh Hachamisha, a country resort 15 minute drive from famous Jerusalem for this active assembly of rural health professionals.


Sody Naimer MD
Family Physician, Assistant Professor, Rural Practitioner
Chair of the local organizing Committee, EURIPA Rural Health Forum 2018


14-16 November 2018
Maale Hachamisha, Israel