International event: Is Universal Health possible in Europe?

We are organizing an online event on the 10th of March from 16:00-18:00 (CET) under the name: Is Universal Health possible in Europe?

Europe is a place where undocumented migrants still must face too many barriers to access to health care. This situation has very likely worsened during the COVID-19 crisis, where the functioning of health systems across the continent have been pushed to the limit. Although, the entire world and Europe are facing the second wave of pandemic, in most of European countries, processes of rethinking and strengthening our health systems are taking place and we should use this window opportunity to leverage the need of addressing the administrative and legal reforms that will ensure the universal access to health within these processes.

It is, therefore, an exceptional time to reinforce cross border collaboration among European organizations that are working to achieve the universality of health and guaranteeing that no one is left behind in their countries. We will put the spotlight on how health systems are functioning in countries like France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

In this event we could all exchange the insights of migrant’s situation in our countries and have the opportunity to learn together from those possible best practices or cases of success occurring in any of these countries.

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16:00-16:05 – Opening – Vanessa López- Director- Salud por Derecho.

16:05- 16:20 – What does universal health mean and why do we need it in our countries?

Javier Padilla- Spanish doctor with expertise in public health – will offer a context introduction about what is and what isn’t universal health and why is it necessary and beneficial for our countries.

16:20-17:20 – Access to health for undocumented migrants in Europe: France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

We will learn about migrants’ access to health in these countries, focusing on the barriers they face to access to health systems, COVID-19 consequences, the changes needed to guarantee the universal health access, and the role of CSO towards the universality of health. We will also learn about cases of success and explore new ways of cross border collaboration.


  • Agnès GILLINO -General coordinator –Médecins du Monde Nice MDM -France
  • Francesco Aureli – Director -Sanità di Frontiera ONLUS -Italy
  • Carla Paiva – Executive Director- Médicos do Mundo Portugal
  • Rocío García-Gutiérrez Gómez -REDER- Spain

17:20-17:50 – Discussion and Q&A

17:50-18:00 – Conclusion