The Leonardo EURACT Level 1 Course

Leonardo LEVEL 1 course for teachers in family medicine is conducted as part of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme Project: Framework for Continuing Educational Development of Trainers in General Practice in Europe (Project n° 2010-1- PL1-LEO05-11460) and is organized by a consortium of partners with a leading role being taken by the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice (EURACT).

About the Leonardo LEVEL 1 course:

Over recent years a greater proportion of the teaching at undergraduate level is being provided by primary health care teachers, including general practice-based teaching, clinical skills training etc. This has led to an increase in the demand for teachers coming from a practice setting. There is a similar need for trainers involved in specialty training for general practice. One-to-one teaching in the practice setting requires the application of specific methodologies and evaluation techniques, which may involve the patient with possible consequences to his/her health status. It also requires special knowledge and skills in feedback, and a close working relationship between trainee and trainer.

The Leonardo EURACT level 1 course is aimed at entrants to practice based teaching with no prior teaching skills training. Its main objectives are to improve the level of one-to-one teaching in European countries. The course will consist of seven modules delivered over three days of educational interventions. Most learning is active and participatory in small groups, with only minimum usage of formal presentations. The whole course will be held in English.

Tutors: Prof. Adam Windak, Prof. Roar Maagaard, Dr. Renzo De Gabriele, Dr. Jáchym Bednář

Facilitators: Dr. Martine Granek-Catarivas, Dr Mario Sammut