WE Talk with Dr Pratyush Kumar

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WE Talk with Dr Pratyush Kumar

Join us live on Monday November 15th, 19:00 CET.

WONCA Europe introduces "WE Talk", a short talk-show-like programme where a person of interest is interviewed. Dr Mehmet Ungan will be the host of the show.

Our fourth guest is Dr. Pratyush Kumar. He is a young rural family doctor from Bihar, India. He is passionate about rural health and chairs rural health group of South Asia Wonca Rural South Asia (WoRSA), Secretary - Rural WONCA, Advisory board member - The Network-TUFH and WONCA executive member. During residency he was awarded best DNB doctor award which was first for a family medicine resident.

He founded WoRSA in 2016 during the final year of residency, organised the world rural health conference-2018 and it's Delhi declaration was endorsed by WHO and got elected the same year as WONCA executive member at large. He also participated in the WHO conference on primary healthcare which gave the Astana Declaration.

He is the founder of project HAPPY-G (Health Advice and Promotion, disease Prevention among Youth Geriatrics), Rural Health success stories, PCR forum (primary care research).

He is now a candidate to become a member-at-large of WONCA World.

Web - https://bit.ly/WONCAPRATYUSH

We hope to host the other candidates for the WONCA World Executive Committee in the coming days and introduce them to Wonca Europe Region.

15 November 2021