WE Talk with Dr. Raman Kumar

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WE Talk with Dr. Raman Kumar

Join us live on Thursday October 28th, 19:00 CEST.

WONCA Europe introduces "WE Talk", a short talk-show-like programme where a person of interest is interviewed. Dr Mehmet Ungan will be the host of the show.

In our first talk we are talking with Dr Raman Kumar. Dr Kumar represented all young family physicians on the executive board of the WONCA World from 2013-2016. He continues to be on the WONCA World Executive Committee as the regional president of WONCA South Asia. He is now one of the candidates for WONCA World President.

He was recently featured on the cover of ‘THE LANCET’ as a global primary healthcare leader. One of the first-generation residency-trained board qualified (DNB family medicine) family physicians, he holds a longstanding interest in making a contribution to primary care. Dr. Kumar is the founding president of the Academy of Family Physicians of India (AFPI). Dr. Kumar is credited with creating a large pool of young doctors eager to pursue vocation in family medicine (Primary care practice). Dr. Raman Kumar is also the editor in chief of the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care (JFMPC), a peer-reviewed, PUBMED indexed journal. Dr. Kumar has championed the cause of the rural population and an underprivileged section of society. In 2018 he successfully organized the 15th World Rural Health Conference in New Delhi. The conference successfully culminated in the adoption of the “Delhi Declaration 2018’ calling for people living in rural and isolated parts of the world to be given special priority, if nations are to achieve universal health coverage. The Delhi declaration, endorsed by WHO, revisited the Alma Ata Declaration with the aim to achieve the highest possible level of health for the communities we serve, with the goal of “Health for All Rural People.” Throughout his career, he has worked at several public and private health institutions in India throughout his career. Presently he is practicing as a full-time family physician. He has published more than 100 research papers across national and international journals and also has been delivering educational programs including many keynotes.

We hope to host the other candidates for the WONCA World Executive Committee in the coming days and introduce them to Wonca Europe Region.

28 October 2021