WE Talk with Dr Sankha Randenikumara

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WE Talk with Dr Sankha Randenikumara

Join us live on Wednesday November 17th, 19:00 CET.

Our fifth guest on WE Talk is Dr Sankha Randenikumara.

Sankha Randenikumara is a young family doctor from Sri Lanka and the Chair of the Spice Route Movement (WONCA Young Doctors’ Movement of South Asia).
Sankha started his career as a rural primary care doctor in southern Sri Lanka and was recognized by the World Bank for transforming his rural hospital to a model primary care hospital within a few years. This gave him the opportunity to join the the expert committee appointed by the Ministry of Health to prepare the next World Bank project “Reorganizing Primary Healthcare in Sri Lanka” as the most junior member.

Sankha has extensively been involved in WONCA since 2016 as a council member of the WONCA Working Parties on Rural Practice and the Environment, in addition to contributing to World conferences and other rural/regional events. The Spice Route Movement became highly active within his tenure and well-established among the young doctors in the South Asia region.

He is a candidate to become a WONCA World Executive Committee Young Doctors’ Representative.

More about him here: https://youtu.be/OM74hPacH1I

We hope to host the other candidates for the WONCA World Executive Committee in the coming days and introduce them to Wonca Europe Region.

"WE Talk" is a short talk-show-like programme where a person of interest is interviewed. Dr Mehmet Ungan will be the host of the show.

17 November 2021