WE Talk with Dr Toni Dedeu and Dr Candan Kendir on Primary Health Care in Continuous Transformation in Europe

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11 April 2024, 16:30 CEST

This session of WETalk will explore the dynamic changes occurring in primary care across Europe, highlighting innovative strategies aimed at enhancing its effectiveness through continuous transformation. As well as, assessing the performance of health systems in delivering high quality primary care through the OECD’ international PaRIS survey of people living with chronic conditions.

After the introductions by WONCA Europe President-elect Prof Thomas Frese, Dr Candan Kendir from OECD and Dr Toni Dedeu from WHO will do their presentations.

Changes in Primary Care in Europe from Toni's Perspective as Senior Advisor of WHO

About Toni Dedeu

Dr Toni Dedeu is the WHO European Region Senior Advisor for integrated primary health care at the WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care. Dr Dedeu is a Medical Doctor specialising in Urology and Family Medicine. He holds three master’s degrees (MSc) in Health Economics, Primary and Community Care and Healthcare Management. He has professional experience spanning more than 25 years at the international level in the field of quality assessment, health systems development and primary health care implementation. He has held senior positions in health care administration and has worked as a policy maker, manager, researcher, practitioner, and implementer of health system reforms. Dr Dedeu was the Chair of the European Association of Regional and Local Authorities (EUREGHA) and CEO of the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) based in Oxford, UK. Former Director of the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia, Spain (AQuAS). He has worked on implementing family medicine in several countries. He is a former member of the WONCA Council in his capacity as International Officer of the Spanish Family and Community Medicine Society (SEMFYC) and a former member of EQuiP. He has been a Family Medicine physician leading multidisciplinary teams and is an advocate of primary health care, integrated care and digital health care. Dr Dedeu has been involved as Principal Investigator and has played other roles in more than forty EU projects within a large diversity of European Commission programmes and initiatives. He is a member of the Scientific and Advisory Board in several EU projects. Along with his scientific career, he has published more than 100 high-impact research papers in SCI and SCIE journals, and he is a regular lecturer in several universities in Europe, Asia, Canada, and Australia.

Enhancing people-centred care: Implications from the OECD’s International PaRIS Survey for primary care

Assessing the performance of health systems in delivering high quality primary care through the OECD’ international PaRIS survey of people living with chronic conditions

About Candan Kendir

Candan Kendir is a Health Policy Analyst at the OECD, contributing her expertise to the PaRIS and Health Care Quality and Outcomes programs within the Health Division. Her professional focus is on enhancing care quality through the systematic collection and application of patient-reported outcomes and experiences measures (PROMs and PREMs), extending her research to primary care settings and beyond. Currently, she works on the OECD’s International PaRIS survey, which assesses PROMs and PREMs in adults living with chronic conditions who are receiving primary care. Moreover, she oversees the involvement of essential participants, including patients and primary care professionals, in the PaRIS survey.

Originally trained as a family doctor, Candan furthered her education with a Master of Public Health, specializing in Health Policy and Management, alongside Social and Behavioural Sciences. Her commitment to advancing primary care quality is further evidenced by her ongoing Ph.D. research at Amsterdam University Medical Centres, the Netherlands, focusing on the enhancement of primary care quality through patient-reported measures.