WE Talk with Dr. Pavlo Kolesnyk on Ukraine

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WE Talk with Dr. Pavlo Kolesnyk on Ukraine

Join us live on Tuesday March 15th, 19:00 CET.

Please come and be with us on Tuesday, March 15th at 19:00 CET. WONCA Europe organizes a special talk session called WETalk. This time especially on the needs of the doctors in Ukraine. A live, maximum 30 minutes activity of WONCA Europe with a well known member, an actively working Family Doctor who will shortly and directly describe the current medical condition in Ukraine and will talk about their needs for those interested members of our MOs and our partner organizations.

WETalk Format (Limited with 30 minutes):

  1. 15 minutes talk on current medical condition and flee towards the west of Ukraine, medical needs, how to reach for help.
  2. 15 minutes questions of MOs through Q&A

This is a good opportunity for Ukrainian Family Doctors to be in touch directly with you and vice versa. Our respected colleague Pavlo who has worked with many of you as his country representative  will talk on the needs like equipment, supply and technical support, also may provide the reliable addresses to be reached by our members willing to send medical aid.

No political talk. We do not wish to have emotional talks ! We need a medical support action both for family doctors and also for refugees.

What is needed in reality as a “medical support” to Ukraine Family Doctors?  For example there is a need for psychological support for our colleagues according to them. They feel they need it. They say they need medicines, stethoscopes and many other simple equipment we use daily. We will listen to our Ukranian Family Doctor representative Pavlo to formulate ways of help like medical consultation and related specific refugee travel and settlement problems. This may be something we shall do for our members. I would like to ask your organizations to listen to the needs of Family Doctors and then think of ways how you may contribute. You may also ask questions.

15 March 2022