Webinar on Obesity Management: comprehensive care beyond pharmacotherapy

Are you an HCP interested in obesity care? This specialised 2-hour webinar co-hosted by EASO and The World Organisation of National Colleges, Academies, and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/ Family Physicians, (WONCA Europe) will provide medical professionals across disciplines with insight into multidisciplinary options for obesity management beyond pharmacotherapy.

World Obesity Day 2023 programme led by Shlomo Vinker (President of WONCA Europe) & Paolo Sbraccia (EASO Treasurer)

6.00pm: Welcome and speaker introduction
6.10-6.30pm: Susie Birney (European Coalition for People Living with Obesity) on “patient journey”
6.30-6.50pm: Dror Dicker (Co-Chair of EASO’s Obesity Management Task Force) on “obesity management targets for 2023”
7.10-7.30pm: Özden Gökdemir (Family Physician, Izmir University of Economics/ Faculty of Medicine) on “weight loss maintenance”
7.30-8.00pm: Q&A between audience, close


  1. Participants will receive insight into obesity management from the perspective of patients;
  2. Participants will learn about new medications for obesity;
  3. Participants will understand how to optimize the long-term management of obesity with medications and complementary lifestyle changes


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