17 National Conference of the Association of Family Doctors from the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Teslić, 14 -16/10/22

The Association of Family Doctors (FD) from the Republic of Srpska (RS) held its 17 conference in Teslić, at the Kardial Hotel, from 14.10.22-16.10.22, with the theme "Step towards health". 

The goal of the two-day expert meeting was the adoption of new knowledge and technologies in the treatment of various diseases: from mass non-communicable diseases (such as Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes) to more efficient management of certain pediatric problems and the treatment of oncological diseases.

A special focus at the conference was on the presentation of the funding to tackle "rare diseases" that are becoming a greater problem in RS. With its conception, the Assembly became a regional institute of family medicine (FM). 

Eminent lecturers, members of the Department of FD of the Faculty of Medicine in Banja Luka (RS), attended the Conference, as well as guests including prof. Dr. Marković-Pavlović Aleksandra from Belgrade, President of the Association of Gastroenterologists of Serbia; Prof. Dr. Tamara Kovačević Preradović, President of the Association of Cardiologists of the RS; Assoc. Dr. Saša Jungić, President of the Association of Oncologists of the RS; and Prof. Dr. Antonija Verhaz, Head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the UKC Banja Luka (RS). 

The President of the Association for Rare Diseases, Mrs. Biljana Kotur, presented the Organisation's work and its activities to promote information on rare diseases and the difficulties and challenges that individuals and their families are faced with. 

At the Conference publications were promoted and produced, in order to facilitate the clinical work of family medicine doctors in practice. 

An update of the guidelines for FD for hyperlipidemia was presented. It was developed in cooperation with the Association of Cardiologists of the RS, experts in the field of endocrinology, representatives from the field of public health. Prof. Dr. Nathan Wong (USA) also contributed as well as Academician Duško Vulić, national coordinator for prevention, and Academician Miodrag Ostojić.

The publication entitled "Family Planning" was produced in cooperation with the population fund of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Also presented were the practicum for Depressive Anxiety Disorders, which covered a number of topics that are essential for the management of mental illnesses; and Guidelines for oncological problems in the practice of a FD, developed in cooperation with the Association of Oncologists of the RS.

The official opening was attended by the representative of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the RS, Assistant Minister Dr. Amela Lolić; the representative of the Health Insurance Fund of the RS, Aleksandr Sekulić, deputy director; and President of the Association for Rare Diseases of the RS, Ms. Biljana Kotur.

Prof. Dr. Shlomo Vinker, President of WONCA Europe, and Dr. Ljupče Sukrijeva, President of the Association of Southeast Europe Family Doctors, addressed the audience virtually.

The meeting was attended by over 300 participants from the entire RS and the region, and around 100 participants via the online platform. 

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Draško Kuprešak, on behalf of the Association of FD of the RS, presented a certificate of appreciation to the owner and editor of Medicicom magazine, Dr. Momir Pušac, for his great contribution to the promotion of FM and the work of the association in the public space of the RS and the wider region.

President of Association of Family Doctors of Republic of Srpska

Prof.dr Draško Kuprešak