21st WONCA World Conference Rio de Janeiro 2016

Gustavo Gusso

President – WONCA 21st World Conference – Brazil 2016


Dear friends from Worldwide Family Medicine Community,


We are really happy to invite you to our World Meeting that is coming soon. It will occur from 2 to 6th November 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, just a couple of months after the Olympic Games.


Family Medicine in Brazil, and specially in Rio, had developed a lot. We have more than 30.000 health teams around the country covering more than 100.000.000 people. It has been described by the annual Who Report in 2008 as a model for developing countries.


The most important part for us is the development of family medicine as an academic discipline and a scientific field well defined. Many concepts and topics as quaternary prevention, overdiagnosis, electronic health records, frequent health problems management, quality assessment, pretest probability, health system management and organization, etc., are related to the development of family medicine and will be discussed in Rio.


We want to invite you to one very high level scientific meeting where we can also share our experiences, make new friends and take the advantage to enjoy Rio, its beauty, beaches and music. It is not impossible to be happy, to enjoy life and to be high standard family doctor at the same time. We can learn it together.


We are looking forward to see you here.


Warm regards,


Host Organizing Committee

WONCA World Conference - 2016