WONCA Europe at the 4th EUROSON PoC-US SCHOOL (Vienna)

Prof. Shlomo Vinker, President of WONCA Europe, opened the 4th EUROSON PoC-US SCHOOL 2023, Vienna, 8-9th September 2023, with the presentation of WONCA Europe's position paper on the use of Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) in primary care. 

He took part on the round table “University and postgraduate training and POCUS training curriculum for family doctors/GPs from the perspective of professional organisations: WONCA EUROPE, EFSUMB, WFUMB, EUVEKUS” as well as on the Workshop / Hands-on Session “Practical elements of POCUS applications of the abdominal, pelvis, breast, thyroid, thoracic and heart will be conducted together with our experts. Easy questions and answers of POCUS in primary healthcare practice. Tips and tricks about POCUS through the dialogue between two experts”. Furthermore, he delivered the “scientific summary of the day” sessions.

This Hybrid Conference was organised by the European Ultrasound Working Group in Ambulatory Healthcare (EUVEKUS), endorsed by the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (EFSUMB) and supported by WONCA Europe.

The theme of the Conference: “The Point of Care Ultrasonography in Primary Medicine and Ambulatory Healthcare – Updates and Perspectives”, reflects the collaboration to advance common approaches aimed to improve early diagnosis through ultrasonography techniques.

Euroson PoC-US School 2023 hosted over 100 delegates and approximately 10 world-renowned faculty from Europe. The meeting provided participants with a unique opportunity for sharing knowledge, and skills through workshops.

Dr. Mihai Iacob, EUVEKUS President, Vice-president of Romanian National Society of Family Medicine and chairman of the event, declared “Actually when we have advanced and relatively cheap ultrasound devices, and high-performance technology with artificial intelligence or some smart software using updated diagnostic algorithms, it’s time to complete the classic clinical examination (by history, inspection, palpation, percussion, and auscultation) with the new clinical-ultrasound examination that currently allows us to visualise through ultrasound most organs and tissues of the human body (US-inspection), along with electronic ultrasound palpation through ultrasonographic elastography method (US-palpation), but also with the electronic auscultation through the Doppler Triplex technique (US-auscultation) to increase the diagnostic accuracy in primary and outpatient healthcare”. 

Dr Iacob added “this activity provided a platform for networking with many of Europe’s leading experts, focusing on reviewing and assessing best practices in ultrasonography. The meeting program included presentations, hands-on training, and several informal social gatherings”.

Dr. Mihai Iacob obtained from both the Board of the American College of Family Medicine and WONCA Europe, the Montegut Global Scholar 2023 as a result of his activity to promote POCUS and clinical ultrasonography in primary and ambulatory healthcare.

A short video of the meeting has been produced  


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