96th EGPRN Meeting, 11 - 14 May 2023, Split-Croatia  Theme: "Person-centred care and its outcomes in primary care". 

The 96th EGPRN Meeting held in Split from 11th to 14th May 2023 was a resounding success, bringing together a vibrant community of primary care researchers and practitioners from across Europe.

We were delighted to have a total of 146 registrations for the conference, including 48 first-time attendees. The active engagement of all participants contributed immensely to the rich exchange of knowledge and ideas throughout the event. It was wonderful to witness the enthusiasm of new faces joining our community, and we hope that this meeting has sparked a lasting interest in the field of FM and primary care research. 

The scientific program was filled with valuable insights and stimulating discussions. We were honoured to have Prof. Igor Svab, a renowned expert in the field, deliver the international keynote speech on ‘Person-centred care’, highlighting its significance as a core concept in FM. Assoc. Prof. Venija Cerovecki provided an insightful national keynote speech on ‘Family medicine as a scientific and professional discipline in Croatia’, shedding light on the developments within the country.

In addition to the main conference program, two pre-conference workshops were organised that garnered significant interest. ‘How to Integrate Implementation Science into your Research: Strategies, Resources, and Practical Applications’ and ‘GRADE methodology and its application in clinical practice guidelines’ provided valuable resources and practical knowledge. We were pleased to witness active participation, particularly from the local attendees. 

EGPRN remains committed to supporting early-career researchers, and our fellowship program continues to thrive. We were impressed by the high quality of the research protocol presented by one of our colleagues. The web-based research course also saw active participation, with three engaging presentations included in the program. We take pride in our contribution to the growth and development of young colleagues in the field. 

The ‘Bluedot coffee’ initiative was met with enthusiasm, providing an opportunity for the first-time attendees to connect and network during coffee breaks. 

The ‘Elevator pitch’ session proved to be a highlight, generating numerous exciting ideas for future projects and collaborations. We witnessed such a dynamic community of researchers driving the field forward.

Lastly, our colleague Irene Bruschi from Italy was awarded the poster prize after a meticulous selection process by our experienced jury. This recognition serves as a testament to the excellence and innovation demonstrated in her work.

Undoubtedly, the 96th EGPRN Meeting in Split will be remembered as a valuable and memorable experience with active participation and vision for the future EGPRN initiatives. 


Radost Asenova 


On behalf of the EGPRN PR and Communication Committee

Ana Luisa Neves

Tuomas Koskela,

Vanja Lazić 

Burak Usgurlu

Mine Kaya Bezgin