A summary of the April Online WONCA Europe EB meeting:

The WONCA Europe Executive Board met online on Monday, 3 April 2023 for a regular monthly meeting. 

We are happy to announce that the Chair of the Bylaws Committee, Aaron Poppleton, has been elected online with a majority vote.

WONCA Europe EB evaluated 4 bids for the 2026 WONCA Europe Conference Call: Turkey (Antalya), Greece (Athens), Germany (Munich) and France (Paris). The host of the 2026 Conference will be awarded by voting during the Council Meeting in Brussels.

The evaluation of the WONCA Europe scholarship program is in process. 

The theme of the WONCA Europe Open Meeting Brussels 2023 will be: “Balance between traditional face-to-face visits and new telemedicine options”

A successful webinar “WONCA Europe and EU policies - how to increase our influence” was led by Sara Ares Blanco and Raquel Gomez Bravo.

WONCA Europe will continue with a series of webinars on “debates in cancer screening” with the next webinar: 

13 April 2023, Thursday, 18.30 CEST: Controversies in cancer screening: Lung Cancer
Pro screening: Jan van Meerbeeck
Against screening: Carlos Martins
Moderator: Shlomo Vinker