Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of the Republic of North Macedonia

The Association of General Practice/Family Medicine (AGP/FM) is a professional association whose main goal is to enhance the quality of physicians’ contribution to primary health care through continuous and quality education established on evidence-based medicine, which accentuates the role of the family physician and promotes family medicine. At the same time, through an active partnership with the Ministry of Health and the HIF (Health Insurance Fund), it aims at recognizing and improving the status of family physicians in Macedonia. Furthermore, it provides for the preservation and promotion of the honor, dignity, reputation and interests of the medical profession, as well as the protection of the rights of its members.

The Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of the Republic of North Macedonia is a professional association established in 1947 and is a member of the Macedonian Medical Association. 

Prim. Dr. Gorgi Gavrilski - founder and president for life of AGP/FM, Prim Dr. Budimirka Orovchanova, Prim. Dr. Katerina Kovacheva, Dr. Nada Dimovska Anicin, Dr. Katerina Kovachevikj and other members, in the past seven decades with their activity, enthusiasm, knowledge, inventiveness, professionalism have contributed to the affirmation of the Association as an important factor for improvement of health care, by applying good medical practice, standards for ethical behaviour and professional development of the general practitioners in Rep. of N. Macedonia.

The Association has 4 working groups:

  • CME Working Group: CME implements its objectives by organizing congresses, symposia, expert meetings, workshops and other forms of training. In its portfolio AGP/FM includes, and is proud of, the successful organization of 24 symposia (1971-2016) and 4 international congresses (1997-2016). The 25th Symposium and the 5th Congress scheduled for April 2020 were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Working Group for Scientific Research Projects: in cooperation with the Centre for Family Medicine, since 2010 the Faculty of Medicine - Skopje has participated in scientific research and contributed to the academic progress of family physicians by providing recommendations for improvement of the quality of patient care in primary health care.

  • Policy and Procedure Framework Working Group: The Association actively participates in working groups for development and promotion of primary health care. Since 2018, at the initiative of the WHO and in cooperation with the MOH (Ministry of Health), HIF (Health Insurance Fund), Centre for Family Medicine and other health policy makers, the Association has been operating according to the principles of the Astana Declaration to establish a new, effective model of primary health care. Defining health care and interventions for PHC (Primary Health Care), strategy for prevention and reduction of chronic non-communicable diseases, preparation of protocols, promotion of primary care in obstetrics and gynaecology, prevention of malignant diseases and family planning, defining competencies and health services of the nurse, as well as defining contracts with PHI (Private Health Institutions), scope of health services and concept for payment method for the health services provided by PHI.

  • Information Provision Working group: provides the members with regular information regarding the activities of the Association and international activities that are of interest to the family physicians on its website and Facebook page.

International cooperation and membership. In June 2003 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, AGP/FM became a member of the Association of general practice/family medicine of South-East Europe whose president is Prim. Dr. Ljubin Shukriev.

In 2009/2010, AGP/FM became a member of WONCA Europe - an Organization of General Practitioners and Family Physicians of Europe, EURACT (European Academy of Teachers in General Practice), EGPRN (European General Practitioner Research Network). The membership in ADGP/FM SEE and WONCA Europe has given us the opportunity to strengthen international cooperation, exchange knowledge and experience, enabled our involvement in scientific research activities and education in the field of general and family medicine. Since 2013 AGP/FM has traditionally celebrated the World Family Doctor Day (FDD) – 19th May, with various activities and media campaigns in which family doctors participate.

We feel obligated to show respect and acknowledge the General Practitioners. We are the backbone of the healthcare system and together with our nurses we are the team leaders in providing primary health care by implementing the principles of family medicine.

President of the Association of General Practice/Family Medicine 

Dr. Katerina Kovachevikj