August 2022 update of activities from Ukraine by Dr Pavlo Kolesnyk

The sixth month of a heroic struggle that Ukraine is waging against the Russian invaders makes us even stronger and more confident in our final victory. We hope that in spite of some possible fatigue you will go on providing incessant support to us for which we are grateful !

1.Thanks to your constant help we are close to the completion of our joint ambitious project to build a unique International clinic combining in itself treating and teaching Family Medicine Clinic for Refugees, one of the few successful peaceful projects in Ukraine during the war.   We are happy to inform you that the grand opening of the clinic will take place on September 23, 2022. We are sorry that you will not be able to share this very important event with us here in Ukraine under the current situation in the country but you are always welcome to visit us giving  training and lectures the same as providing practical medical service to our patients together with our volunteer team. The door of INTERFAMILY is always open for you!

We promise to share our video report of INTERFAMILY clinic launch event as soon as it happens.

2. We are happy to share our success in the EUSIT project in providing weekly medical educational offline seminars for our young volunteer team in order to  give medical help to the refugees (the brand name of the seminars remains the same as at the beginning of the war -“Medical Lullabies”).

We also move on with CME using the already translated online lectures provided by the European lecturers to teach the family doctors from different parts of Ukraine (The EURACT Ukraine Support in Training). We will be happy to get applications for the new case based lectures in war feasible topics for 30 minutes to be recorded for the voice-over translation into Ukrainian or just translated into Ukrainian by the lecturers that might make it much easier for us.  

We are grateful to the experts who provided us with the lectures that have already been translated and placed on the website of Ukrainian organization for family doctors “Medevent”  supported by Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine. We have selected 16 new lectures donated by the European colleges

We are also grateful to our colleges from Switzerland who supported this project financially.   

3. We are proud to inform you that we have launched a new medical education project for patients who would attend our clinic, under the name “EUSIT Patient Education Project” (EUSIT PEP Project) We hope it may become an integral part of “EUSIT” (The EURACT Ukraine Support in Training).

EUSIT PEP Project is to comprise short offline seminars for young mothers, diabetic, hypertensive patients, will deal with the methods of avoiding stress and pain, etc.   

4. We are on the way to developing the Clinic website which will have separate units  for doctors and patient education in the form of short comprehensive posts and actual information based on the evidence.  We have launched our own page in Instagram and Facebook where medical staff volunteers using their blogs may chat with their patients online.

We believe that many of you will take part in the realization of these projects and will share your knowledge or/and provide some financial assistance at the first stage of our Clinic activity to support our doctor and resident staff working on a volunteer basis.

We are open for congratulations on the INTERFAMILY opening!

Pavlo Kolesnik