Call closed - Invitation to bid for the WONCA Europe Conference in 2018

WONCA Europe invites WONCA Europe Member Organisations to submit bids to host the 23rd WONCA Europe Conference in 2018. Member Organizations interested in hosting are invited to submit proposals by March 1st, 2015 to the WONCA Europe Secretariat:


The next host to the WONCA Europe Conference 2018 will be awarded during the WONCA Europe Council Meeting 2015 in Istanbul, which will be held on October 22nd, before the opening of the 20th WONCA Europe Conference.


Before the election ballot in Istanbul, WONCA Europe Executive Board will review the bids for their consistency and compliance with the bidding procedure. Candidates will have the opportunity to amend and clarify issues raised and proposed by WONCA Executive Board by September 1st, 2015.


The bidders have to respect the agreed rules of 4 months interval between WONCA World and WONCA Europe conferences. WONCA World conference in Seoul is scheduled for October 17-21, 2018 therefore the bids for WONCA Europe conference shall propose dates before June 15, 2018.


During the Council Meeting in Istanbul the candidates will have the opportunity to present their bids with a Power Point presentation (5 minutes, max 10 slides).


Proposed content of the power point presentation should focus on:

  • Title and theme of the conference, date for the conference.
  • Conference venue, adequate facilities and technical equipment, auditorium size; number of rooms with possible number of seats, ground plan.
  • Arrangements regarding involvement of WONCA Europe networks and special interest groups, preconference activities, especially Vasco da Gama preconference.
  • Enough hotel accommodations with negotiated special prices, including low budget accommodations; distance from hotels to the conference venue; transport arrangements.
  • Conference fee, including graded fees for trainees and graded fees or scholarships for colleagues from developing countries; the information about early birds.
  • Costs for travelling to the venue from major destinations.
  • Social programme of events attractive to delegates and accompanying persons.


Please find more information on the bidding procedure in the enclosed document.


Note that WONCA Europe aims to improve the quality of the conference and has therefore instituted a  working party to propose changes.


Although the working party has not finalised their proposals yet, certain changes are to be expected:

  • To provide continuity in the scientific content of conferences WONCA Europe will appoint a respected scholar who will serve as  co-chair of the local Scientific Committee.
  • WONCA Europe wants to use the same group of abstract reviewers for several years in order to improve the abstract assessment
  • WONCA Europe plans to use the WONCA Europe website platform for submission of abstracts


Prof Job FM Metsemakers

President WONCA Europe


Janko Kersnik                                                         

Honorary Secretary WONCA Europe