Call for nominations for the Montegut Global Scholars Program 2023

WONCA Europe announces a call for nominations for the Montegut Global Scholars Program 2023 (MGSP). The MGSP will provide a 3.150 USD fund for one family physician from the WONCA Europe
region to attend the 28th WONCA Europe 2023 Conference in Brussels, 7 - 10 June:
Applicants should use the attached Application Form and read the full text of the MGSP available from the WONCA website:

The jury of the WONCA Europe 2023 Montegut Scholar consists of:
• Zalika Klemenc Ketis, WONCA Europe Hon. Treasurer (Chair)
• Eva Hummers, WONCA Europe Hon. Secretary
• Adam Windak, EURACT
• Radost Asenova, EGPRN
• Jose Miguel Bueno Ortiz, EQUIP
• Aaron Poppleton, EYFDM
• Ferdinando Petrazzuoli, EURIPA

Applications must be received by 17 April 2023 at the WONCA Europe Secretariat, Barbara You will receive an email of acknowledgment once your application has been received. Applicants will be advised of the outcome by 8 May 2023.

Click here for fileable application form; you can also view the documant sent by WONCA Europe here.