Call for Nominations - WONCA Europe Nomination Committee


Due to the resignation of the member of the nomination committee, Dr João Sequeira Carlos from the Portuguese Association of General Practice/Family Medicine (APMGF), we are announcing a supplementary election to elect a new member of the Nomination Committee.

The supplementary election will be carried out by the WONCA Europe Council in Istanbul, October 22nd, 2015.

The term of office lasts until the next regular election, which will take place in Rio de Janeiro in November 2016.

The candidate who is interested to apply for this position must be a member of the WONCA Europe Member Organisation and must be nominated by his or her National college/Organisation with a letter of support. The Member Organisation nominating the candidate must have paid the annual membership fee by the time of the nomination.

All nominations must be submitted in writing before September 1st, 2015. The candidate should also submit a brief resume or curriculum vitae (CV).


Please send the nominations to WONCA Europe: with a copy to:


Anna Stavdal

Vice President WONCA Europe

Chair Nomination Committee