Call for WONCA Europe Newsletter materials

WONCA Europe will be launching the third edition of the WONCA Europe Newsletter in March.

We received some wonderful materials for our first and second editions and look forward to receiving your new contributions. 

Please send materials for review consideration to: by 15th February.


Please note:

  • As there may be a high number of communications, only a selection of the received news may be published. Please consider sending only the most relevant, short updates and including links for further reading. The WONCA Europe Honorary Secretary will select and edit the received content.
  • By sending any material to us (including photographs and videos), you will be agreeing automatically that we can share them in the WONCA Europe newsletter and on our website and social media accounts.
  • Make sure that your organisation is the copyright owner of all the material or that it is released by a public copyright license (such as Creative Commons).
  • Some news may be shared with the WONCA World newsletter, however our aim is to focus on the updates of our region.
  • Please provide your communication in the format of a proper article, proofread it before submission, and include the author and his/her role in your organisation. 
  • Any accompanying photos should be provided in a high resolution (preferably above 150ppi).
  • Any material sent for publication is considered automatically as officially endorsed by your organisation.