Careless – a unique book that should interest every physician, patient, and caregiver

In her book, Dr. Aviva Elad, a family physician, describes her long journey into the human soul and provides an insider’s view into Her country's (Israel) healthcare system. Personal stories of patients and families coping with the system unfold before us. Yet the message is universal and relevant to other health systems in the world.

This book is unique in combining stories of first-hand experiences. At times it reads like a suspense novel, but the importance comes finally when the author presents the suggested resolution. Will the long-awaited resolution come about? If so, will it take place in our lifetime? I am confident it will arrive, and faster than we expect. One of the ways to speed up the process is by raising awareness. 

As a family physician, I enjoyed reading this book and the mirror it sets before doctors in particular and the healthcare system as a whole. The book is beautifully written and easy to read.

Prof. Shlomo Vinker
Family physician, and President of WONCA Europe – the European Association of Family Physicians and General Practitioners