Conversations in Nephrology: 4 new PCP focussed KDIGO Podcasts

CKD is underdiagnosed and undertreated in the community1 and is often a silent component in multi-morbid patients. Early identification, risk stratification, and treatment can reduce the morbidity and mortality rates from CKD and its related complications, such as CVD 2

In recognition of the key role family doctors play in early CKD identification and intervention in the primary care setting, KDIGO have produced a series of 4 short podcast discussions between PCPs (Dr. Peter Lin) and Nephrologists. 

Please listen and share with your peers.

Early Detection of CKD – (9 mins) Dr Peter Lin, Dr Srilekha Tanapalli

CKD Evaluation and measurement – (16 mins) Dr Peter Lin, Dr Magdelena Madero 

Applying CKD Interventions – (15 mins) Dr Joel Toff, Dr Peter Lin

Appropriate CKD Referral to Specialists, Dr Peter Lin, Dr Ikechi Okpechi,

Supported by an unrestricted educational grant by AstraZeneca.

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  2. Shlipak MG et al. Kidney Int 2021; 99 (1): 34–47.