COVID-19 Vaccination in At-Risk Individuals: Safeguarding the Vulnerable Against Immune Evasion and Variant Evolution

World Organization of Family Doctors Europe and Medscape Education Global are pleased to announce the release  of an education activity designed to help learners be better able to discuss characteristics of the COVID-19 XBB  variant, who remains at risk for severe disease, and immune responses to COVID-19 vaccination in at-risk patients and  updated vaccine data. 


This educational activity is intended for an international audience of non-US primary care physicians, nurses, and  pharmacists. 


Upon completion of this activity, participants will:  

Have greater competence related to 

• SARS-CoV-2 recent variant evolution 

• Burden of COVID-19 according to degree of immunosuppression 

• Rationale for the COVID-19 XBB monovalent vaccine update