Featured MO: Section of General Practice of Serbian Medical Society

The Serbian medical association is the oldest scientific society in the Balkans, founded in 1872. and consisting of more than 25000 members to date. The Section of General Practice is the most numerous in Serbian Medical Society, founded in March 1966. and counts 3220 general practitioners. Our goal , through persistent efforts of the Section, is to improve the role and status of primary health care physicians in the Serbian health care system.

At an international level, we are one of the cofounders and active members of the Association of general practice/family medicine of South-East Europe (AGP/FM SEE), connecting with the departments of general family medicine in other countries.

Among the areas in which our activities have a massive impact, our extensive continuous medical education activity deserves a distinguished mention. In its endeavors assisting doctors and specialists of general practice in achieving new practical and theoretical knowledge, the Section defines clear goals for organising continuous medical education, accredited and evaluated by the Serbian Medical Chamber for acquiring professional licenses. The scientific and ethical board of the Section corroborates each research or education project patronised by the Section. This guarantees the quality of work, which we proudly offer to everyone who wishes to cooperate with us.

The numerous scientific activities, with up to 1500 participants (conferences, congresses and training programs, both online and on site), that we organise, all provide us with a powerful position among our colleagues. In the 54 years of its existence, the Section has been an organizer of 30 expert conferences of general practice, the last seven including international participation. To date, we have organized ten  annual national congresses each September, the time-honored general practice days in Vojvodina (2004), general practice days (2010) and various courses, projects, symposia, workshops and other scientific meetings. The greatest credit for the Section is the  increase in the number of members and participants of congresses and educational seminars organized by the Section itself.

The Section of General Practice publishes the journal "General Practice". It has been published regularly since 1995, welcoming original research articles, case reports and reviews, annually on a regular basis released in May and October. The Ministry of Science and Technology declared in 1996, that this publication is of a special interest for science. The Serbian Journal of General Practice is currently indexed at Serbian Citation Index, Google Scholar and DOAJ, and is in evaluation for Scopus. In addition to journals, the Society publishes abstracts books, monographs and books.

The Section of General Practice of Serbian Medical Society is a strong and committed scientific society, and a proud member of WONCA Europe since 2007, with representatives in EGPRN, EURACT, EQUIP, WONCA SIGFV and EPCCS. Leonardo EURACT and EURACT Bled Course are continuously organized. Since 2012, when WONCA World started to promote World family doctor day, our general practitioners mark this day with appropriate activities.

We are proud of our general practitioners who have Masters and PhD degrees.

The Section expresses our gratitude to all of our members and hope for cooperation that is even more successful. We send our warmest greetings to our European colleagues!

President of the Section of General Practice
Prim dr Dragana Trifunovic Balanovic