Featured Network: EURACT

Are you a family doctor who is actively involved in teaching GP/FM, as well as in Basic Medical Education, Specialty Training and/or Continuing Medical Education? Are you interested in what EURACT, the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice/Family Medicine, can do for you as a teacher? Read here what we stand for and get to know us better.

EURACT is a WONCA Europe Network and it roots back to 1974, with the creation of the Leeuwenhorst Group. It has grown to be the largest personal membership organization in Europe, with over 800 individuals and organizations in collaboration (OIC) as members in 42 countries. These countries and their members are represented in the EURACT Council (one delegate per country) and these delegates, in their turn, elect the Executive Board of the Organization.

In every country of the WONCA-Europe region, GP/FM teachers can apply for membership to their National Representative or directly on the website of EURACT. Country members elect their National Representative for EURACT Council every three years. Two Council Meetings (3 days) are organized every year (Spring and Autumn).

EURACT supports and promotes networking among GP/FM teachers and Academies, and organizes Teaching the Teachers courses, i.e. Leonardo Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Courses and Assessment Courses: all to be cascaded and run locally. Moreover, it organizes biannual EURACT Educational Conferences (Dublin 2016, Leuven 2018, Budapest 2021).

European GP/FM teachers can be appraised as competent or expert teacher by the EURACT Appraisal Portfolio. This is an international appraisal system of GP teachers which helps coordinate and develop standards across the borders of the European countries.

The EURACT group is a group of very committed people. All the same – GP/FD and teachers – but with a wide cultural diversity. We foster this diversity; however, we acknowledge the importance of harmonizing GP/FM education throughout Europe too. It is an essential step in the recognition of GP/FM as a specialty, as an academic and specialist discipline. The different EURACT committees and task groups contribute to this by writing common standards and guidelines on GP/FM education, by doing research and by working in specific projects.
Very recently, guidelines on BME, ST and CME GP/FM education were published on our website. In addition, studies on hospital training experiences and the effect of COVID-19 on GP/FM education have been started and a cooperation with WONCA Europe and ISSMAR on a COVID-19 related CME has been launched.

To conclude, the role of EURACT is to foster the European diversity and, in the meantime, to develop a common language in order to organize, provide and support efficient GP/FM education. We work together to achieve the highest standards for both undergraduate and postgraduate GP/FM training, and for CME.  Last but not least we want to inspire people, share best practices, and form a warm and welcoming community.

We look forward to meeting you! Want to explore even more about us? See www.euract.woncaeurope.org

Prof. Nele Michels, President
Dr Denise Alexandra Cunha Velho, Hon. Secretary