IPCRG January 2024 newsletter

Leadership development at the 12th IPCRG World Conference

IPCRG believes that to achieve our vision of a global population breathing and feeling well through universal access to right care we need to invest in respiratory leaders. As part of our commitment, we have designed a leadership track including several workshops and a kick-off and closing leadership event at our World Conference in Athens (all timings local Greek time):
  • Thursday 9th May 09:00-12:00 (timing to be confirmed): Kick-off leadership event 'Knowing Me, Knowing You.' Co-led by Drs Katherine Hickman and Maisun Elftise.
  • Saturday 11th May 14:45-17:00: Closing leadership event: 'Are you ready to be a leader?' Co-led by Drs Katherine Hickman and Maisun Elftise.
We will also be running optional, recommended skills workshops throughout the conference.

We are aiming to reach primary care clinicians and researchers with the potential to lead their team, organisation, research programme, movement, country group, join IPCRG committees and our board. Importantly, if we are to achieve the goals of universal access to right care then we need to consider diversity in our teams to match the diversity of the population. We particularly welcome COPD and Asthma Right Care leaders, FRESHAIR4Life and RESPIRE colleagues and anyone else who wants to bring about change. Find out more below and email us if you are interested.