Launching the Survey on Cancer Screening Best Practices

This message has been sent to participants in ECO Prevention, Early Detection and Screening Network

Dear Prevention, Early Detection and Screening Network participants,

We are pleased to announce the release of the 'Time to Accelerate: for Cancer Screening' Best Practices Survey

This campaign reflects the efforts of leading oncologists and organisations representing the six tumour types included in the EU screening recommendations (breast, colorectal, cervical, lung, prostate, gastric) to design a comprehensive survey on cancer screening policies. The insights collected will enable stronger promotion of cancer screening best practices across Europe.

The survey will collect the day-to-day experiences of those on the frontlines of cancer screening and inform on how we can improve current practices to make them more inclusive, effective, and efficient. These first-hand experiences are essential to understand the challenges that cancer care providers face every day.

The survey remains open until 30 April. Respondent groups include but are not limited to: oncology professionals, patient advocates and persons with experience and interest in cancer screening. We kindly invite you to participate in the survey and encourage your networks to do the same.

Please click here to take the survey and visit the campaign webpage for more information. 

Kind regards,

Riccardo Moschetti

Policy Officer

European Cancer Organisation

Rue de la Science 41, 1040 Brussels, Belgium 

Office telephone: +32 2 775 02 00