New EQuiP President and members of EQuiP executive board

by Zalika Klemenc Ketiš

On the 5th of November, 2021, EQuiP got a new President, Honorary Treasurer, and one member-at-large.

Dr. Andree Rochfort, our long-term member and a very active and strong quality and safety promotor in Europe, became the new EQuiP President. She is representing the Irish College of General Practitioners and is a very dedicated member of EQuiP. In EQuiP, she leads a working group on patient safety/professional health. She strives for doctor’s well-being, self-care, work-life balance and safety at work. As the President, she plans to direct EQuiP’s work in the next years in terms of patient safety, doctors’ health, and sustainable healthcare.

Ulrik Bak Kirk, former EQuiP manager, became a new Honorary Treasurer. Dr. Piet Vanden Bussche, EQuiP past President (2015-2018) became member-at-large.

EQuiP is lucky to have three experienced and dedicated persons in the executive board and is looking to the future with optimism.