New TAHUD (Turkish Association of Family Physicians) Executive Board elected


Dear Colleagues, 


I would like to begin by greeting you all. We are proud to announce that we have been elected to the Central Executive Board of the Turkish Association of Family Physicians (TAHUD) in the well-attended election held on April 21, 2024. The Executive Board, composed of both academic and field doctors, represents all areas of Family Medicine. 

Our Executive Board aims to encourage members in their professional development and research efforts, facilitate environments for information exchange, support the development of academic institutions, and assist family physicians in continuing education, research, and daily practices. 


In a rapidly changing world, we prioritise staying updated with technological advancements and integrating the latest models into our current education and practices. During a time when the world faces challenges such as wars and natural disasters, we recognize the importance of our profession and the necessity of constant development. We are committed to our responsibility not only to humanity but also to the environment. We aim to implement measures in our clinics for more sustainable practices and a greener world. According to WONCA’s latest update in 2023, family physicians must take responsibility for the health of the environment and the community. We all understand that protecting the environment's health is synonymous with protecting the community's health. 

We also value the legacy and continuity of the previous executive boards of TAHUD in terms of their international relations, ensuring that their efforts and achievements are built upon and sustained. I assure you that TAHUD will continue to collaborate with national and international organisations. As members of a large global family, we understand the importance of international cooperation and will continue to support and participate in international organisations and networks. 


In terms of collaboration, we would like to express our desire to host the WONCA Europe Conference in Istanbul in 2027. This would be a testament to our commitment to bringing family physicians together and fostering connections, much like our beautiful city serves as a bridge between Asia and Europe. 




Prof. Dr. Güzin Zeren Öztürk 

President of the Central Executive Board 

Turkish Association of Family Physicians