RCGP Annual Conference 2012 - Global General Practice

The 2012 RCGP annual conference welcomed over 1650 GPs and primary care health professionals to the Scottish Exhibition Conference Centre in Glasgow. The conference theme 'Global General Practice' proved to be popular due not only to the diverse and fascinating array of keynote lectures, debates and presentations on the subject, but with over 20% of delegates travelling to the conference from overseas, it truly proved to be a Global event.  In addition the conference also saw host to WONCA World's executive committee who had met the preceding days in London. This was the second year there was a WONCA stand, which again proved to be a focal point for delegates from across the UK and beyond. This year on a map of the world delegates described what they most enjoyed about being a GP where they were from. It made for interesting reading and stimulating discussion, and in fact indicated that despite working in very different settings it was often the same things the GPs thrived on - namely; the diversity of patients, continuity of care and caring for a community in a holistic manner (see photograph). With thanks to Barbara Toplek and the various WONCA network groups that helped provide material, as well as to the RCGP International Department that helped facilitated the stand this year.

Presentations from the conference can be found at the following link: http://www.rcgp.org.uk/courses-and-events/rcgp-annual-conference/2012-presentations.aspx

Dr L Pettigrew
WONCA Representative, UK