Summary of the July Online WONCA Europe EB Meeting

The WONCA Europe Executive Board convened the regular monthly online meeting on Monday, 3 July 2023. The meeting encompassed a wide range of topics, including the President's report, financial matters, EJGP affairs, WONCA Europe webinars, WONCA Europe EU Projects, the WONCA Europe Scholarship Call 2024, working groups, and updates on conferences and external collaborations.

Preparations for hosting WONCA 2025 in Lisbon were set in motion, marking an important milestone in the organization's agenda. Concurrently, efforts to recruit a new Chief Editor for The European Journal of General Practice are actively underway.

Notably, the organization recently implemented changes to its bylaws, which have been published on the official website to ensure transparency and accessibility to all members.

A series of engaging webinars focusing on health-related subjects have been scheduled. In July 2023, two webinars will take place: "From Vaccination Hesitancy to Health - Bridging the Gap" and "Prevention in the Elderly with a Special Focus on Vaccination." Additionally, a live webinar titled "CKD in Primary Care: Early Identification and Intervention for Improved Outcomes" has been planned for September 20th. 

Overall, the July Online WONCA Europe EB meeting proved fruitful as the Executive Board tackled important matters, such as organizational updates, event preparations, scholarly publications, and the facilitation of educational webinars.