Summary of the WONCA Europe Executive Board Meeting in Ljubljana, December 8/2023

President Shlomo Vinker provided updates on various activities, including the European project HAPPY PATIENT conferences in Barcelona, the Family Medicine Forum in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and involvement in projects POINT EU and SIX DEGREES for CVD and Diabetes prevention. 

A reflection on the regional WHO meeting highlighted concerns about the future of family medicine in the emerging paradigm that "Not always one size fits all." 

The revised WONCA Europe Future Plan has been published on the website, and discussions were held regarding potential collaboration with The European Union of General Practitioners  (UEMO). The Murcia Declaration on the future of General Practice and Family Medicine in European Healthcare by European Junior Doctors (EJD)  and The European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) has been endorsed by WONCA Europe.


Matters related to the European Journal of General Practice (EJGP) were addressed, including selecting a new chief editor. 

The WONCA Europe Scholarship Program received twelve applications; the winner's announcement is imminent. 

Additionally, the Executive Board (EB) visited the Simulation Center (SIM Center) at the Community Health Center Ljubljana,, and engaged with Prof dr. Antonija Poplas Susic, general manager of the Community Health Center Ljubljana.