Summary of the WONCA Europe Executive Board Meeting October 2022

The EB decided to update our members about the activities of WONCA Europe, and we will release a short update after each EB meeting

Prof. Shlomo Vinker - President


The WONCA Europe Executive Board met online on Monday 3 October 2022.

  • The president’s report included a summary from the WHO Regional Meeting in Tel Aviv in September where WONCA Europe endorsed 5 statements. Prof. Shlomo Vinker also participated with a prerecorded greeting in the opening ceremony of the international refugee clinic in Ukraine run by Pavlo Kolesnyk.
  • Adam Windak reported from the EJGP Editorial Board meeting in Vienna. The special issue of EJGP on COVID will be published by the end of the year. 
  • WONCA Europe will continue with a series of webinars “updates in primary health care”.
  • The Executive Board accepted the proposal from the Bylaws Committee to nominate Aaron Poppleton as Chair of the Bylaws Committee and will ask Council for voting.
  • The comments from the London Council and task group on the POCUS paper have been incorporated into the document. The revised version will be sent to Council for final comments and endorsement in Brussels.
  • The task groups on “Desirable qualifications for general practice university posts” and the “Planetary health” continue to work. The final documents will be presented to the Council in Brussels.
  • The Executive Board had a fruitful online meeting with WESIGs.
  • The call for bids for the WONCA Europe 2026 conference was approved by the Executive Board.