Support Letters From Member Organizations

Please find below support letters to Ukraine from our Member Organizations.

From: Czech Society of General Practice

to WONCA EUROPE committee members
WONCA EUROPE member organizations

28 February 2022

Czech Society of General Practice Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista PurkynÄ› feels the need to respond to the unfortunate development of the situation in Ukraine also as a professional organization and member of WONCA.

Historically, we have great sympathy for the Ukrainian people, whom we consider friends.

We are ready to contribute to the support of refugees from Ukraine. We are currently looking for a way to help Ukraine, through charitable organizations and through our colleagues in Ukraine. The Czech Society of GP is going to send a significant financial donation to Ukraine. At the same time, the GP Society will use its funds to pay general practitioners for the care of Ukrainian refugees until the state takes appropriate measures.

We regret the situation in which our colleagues, general practitioners in Russia, have found themselves. We would like to call on them through WONCA EUROPE to use their influence to contribute to the end of the war.

Assoc. Prof. Svatopluk Býma, Ph.D. Chair Czech GP Society
Assoc. Prof. Bohumil Seifert, Ph.D. Scientific Secretary Member of WE Council

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Date: 28 February 2022
Prof. Dr. Shlomo Vinker
WONCA Europe President

Dear Prof. Vinker, Dear Shlomo,

Aggression against Ukraine, although not entirely surprising, is the implementation of a black scenario, which we all believed could be avoided. Over the last 5 days, 300 000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Poland, and this number is constantly growing. Some estimates go as far as 3 or even 4 million. Some of them continue to the west of Europe, where their family members may already be. However, Poland is home to the largest Ukrainian diaspora, the size of which is estimated at 1.5-2 million people. Obviously, not all refugees have relatives in our country who can offer them shelter and necessary help. The Polish government has opened the border to all people fleeing the war and, in cooperation with local governments, is trying to organize their living conditions in the near future. The activity of numerous non-governmental organizations and millions of ordinary citizens who spontaneously help refugees is also extraordinary. Increasing numbers of them reach the interior of the country, where we are all trying to help them. They are most often mothers with children or the elderly. Almost all of my colleagues have offered their homes as a safe haven for these terribly troubled people. Today, my wife and I are expecting the first of them also in our home.

As far as medical assistance is concerned, it seems to be well organized in Poland at the moment. According to today's decisions of the Ministry of Health, refugees who cross the Polish-Ukrainian border after February 24, receive the same rights to healthcare as all insured citizens of our country. Consequently, GPs may consult them, order additional tests, refer to specialists/hospitals and prescribe medications in the same way as to all their other patients.

The Board of the College of Family Physicians in Poland has undertaken the initiative of opening special medical points near border crossings, offering first medical aid to persons crossing the border. It must be remembered that many of them are people who have waited several dozen hours at the border, are chilled, often with symptoms of infection. However, after a thorough diagnosis of the situation, it seems that at least at present there is no such necessity. Colleagues running their practices in the border areas reorganized them to accommodate everyone who needs it.

At present, we are proceeding with the initiative of purchasing by the College of Family Physicians in Poland, dressings, infusion fluids and small surgical equipment, which we intend to transfer to one of the War Hospitals in Ukraine. I expect that today the Board of the College will adopt a resolution by correspondence on the amount of funds allocated for this purpose. It will certainly be a significant amount. We are also working on the logistics of transporting the goods across the border, from where, thanks to the contacts of colleagues from border areas, the transport will be taken over and delivered to the addressee.

There is no doubt, however, that the situation is extremely dynamic and we do not exclude other actions, if necessary. We would like to thank WONCA Europe for the declaration of support which may prove very helpful in the future.

Sincerely yours
Prof. Adam Windak, M.D., Ph.D.
Vice-President of the College of Family Physicians in Poland

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From: Lithuanian College of Family Physicians, Rural Family Doctors Association of Latvia and  Lithuanian Society of General Practitioners

Date: 3 March 2022

In the daylight events and current aggresive bloody Russia war against Ukraine State and it‘s people, Lithuanian College of Family Physicians and Rural Family Doctors Association of Latvia, the Members of WONCA World and Europe, along with Lithuanian Society of General Practitioners urges WONCA immediate cancelation of Russian Federation and Bielorusia membership in WONCA associations at World WONCA and Europe Wonca structures and decline any contacts, conferences and other communications with them.

Also we declare cutting any contacts with Russian Federation and Bielorusia WONCA and family doctors organisations.

We urges to organise all possible humanitarian, medical and political support to the suffering Ukraine country and it‘s people.

As doctors, we cannot allow such behavior and just stay silent. Silence is a form of approval. And what is happening right now is coldblooded murder.

We appeal to you as doctors working by vocation - let us not allow this the war to continue, let us show our unity and support to suffering Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini!!!

Prof.PhD. Leonas Valius

The President

Lithuanian College of Family Physicians

Liga Kozlovska

The President

Rural Family Doctors Association  of Latvia

PhD. Sonata Varvuolyte

The President

Lithuanian Society of General Practitioners

Original Letter

From: Caribbean College of Family Physicians

Date: 6 March 2022

Dear Colleagues;

We join with other lovers of peace and respectors of the right to freedom and self expression in condemnation of this wanton act of aggression against the people of Ukraine. We salute your resolve and the bravery of your people.

We continue to pray for a cease-fire and a diplomatic  resolution in your favour.

We pray for your safery and your loved ones and especially your Leader and his family.

God is good.


Your Colleagues in the Caribbean

Sonia Roache (Dr)

Executive director

Caribbean College of Family Physicians

Direct Member & Fellow of WONCA

From: The Swedish Association of General Practice (SFAM)

Date: 18 March 2022

The Swedish Association of General Practice (SFAM) is endorsing an appeal February 27, 2022, by WONCA Europe and four WONCA network organizations for Russia to STOP the war.
Also, SFAM wants to express its support for Ukraine's general practitioners and the people of Ukraine.
We condemn Russia's brutal attack on Ukraine, an independent country in Europe.
After 2 years of a pandemic, the world began to look ahead and hoped for a brighter future.
Instead, one person has caused a greater and completely unnecessary suffering for an entire people and in the  long run for an entire continent.
We encourage general practitioners throughout Europe to support Ukraine by financial means, practical actions where possible, and humanitarian and professional medical treatment of all the people who are now on the run in various countries.

Magnus Isacson
President The Swedish Association of General Practice