TAHUD's LETTER to WONCA EUROPE after the Earthquakes

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Many thanks for your concerns and warm feelings. We are faced with a huge disaster in a very large area. Due to current legal and logistical conditions, aid efforts are being centralized. It is currently impossible to direct aid to specific purposes. Recommended donation sites (as already given by Mehmet Ungan) are listed below:

  • AKUT is a voluntary non-governmental organization involved in searching, assisting and rescuing the victims of the earthquake. You can donate by credit card: https://www.akut.org.tr/en/donation
  • AHBAP is a well-organized voluntary network that is currently active in the affected regions helping those who are in need. They accept credit card donations, https://ahbap.org/bagis-kategorisi/5. The page is in Turkish but you may find the red (Disaster Donate) box. The easiest way to support AHBAP is to donate to the Bridge to Turkiye Fund, which is a non-profit organization that partners with AHBAP. You can donate by credit card: https://bridgetoturkiye.org
  • AFAD is the official Disaster and Emergency Management Authority of Turkey. They accept credit card donations, the link to their donation campaign https://www.afad.gov.tr/depremkampanyasi2 (Since it is in Turkish you may follow by ticking [Kampanyaya Katıl] in blue banner- meaning join campaign and continue by your info starting with your name and last name and ending with the amount. Check [Evet] = Yes for ‘Personal Data Protection Law’ approval. Finally check [Onayla] = Accept box.)

It is for sure that a lot will be needed in very near future. We are trying to get more information on specific needs in locations. For now, more time is needed for better assessment.

Having your support means a lot in such terrible times.

Thank you very much.
Prof. Esra Saatçı


Erdem Birgul, MD
International Chairman

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