The 62nd EQuiP conference took place in Dublin on 12th and 13th May 2023.

The 62nd EQuiP conference took place in Dublin on 12th and 13th May 2023. The WONCA Europe Network was hosted by the Irish College of general practitioners, ICGP at the same venue and dates as the ICGP Annual Conference. 

EQUIP delegates delivered Seven Symposia on themes of Safety, Medication Management, Planetary Health, Knowledge Transfer, Doctors’ health and Wellbeing, Improving Services and Measuring Quality with Tools and Methods. Interactive plenary sessions on Greener Practices and Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic took place.

A composite paper based on the combined outputs of the PRICOV-19 Research Consortium ( ) was endorsed by the EQUIP Council as a position paper of EQUIP following a discussion by conference attendees.  

The position paper is based on the published and upcoming PRICOV-19 scientific publications of the 48 partnering institutions of the PRICOV-19 Research Consortium and the individual PRICOV-19 Consortium researchers. EQuiP supports PRICOV-19, and looks forward to future work to validate and disseminate the lessons learned from the pandemic to stimulate continuous quality improvement in primary care that is based on scientific evidence and supported by policy makers and national colleges and academic associations of family medicine in Europe. The position paper can be accessed here ( )

The EQUIP Conference was also the venue for the European launch of the Glas Toolkit, a publication in the format of a menu of recipes for GP practices who wish to choose a small project for improving the carbon footprint of primary care, such as in areas of prescribing, patient referrals for tests and procedures, lifestyle improvements and office based activities. ( )